Creative Fuel: How to Prove the Value of Creativity, With Science

AAF Greenville would like to thank Endeavor for  hosting our April Creaive Fuel event. Drinks & Apps will be provided.

About the Creative Fuel: One of the endless debates in advertising is if creative ideas work better. Art versus science. Brand versus direct. Some think that creative ideas are just marketing fluff. In this session, we’ll use hard science to prove why creative ideas are better for the bottom line, so you can finally convince your clients or stakeholders to believe in the value of design. Join Adam Morgan, Senior Creative Director at Adobe, in his seven-year epic quest to prove how emotional ideas impact the bottom line more than a straightforward message. 

About the Speaker: Adam Morgan is a Senior Creative Director at Adobe. He ensures that the writing and creative execution is world class across the enterprise, from long-form thought leadership to and demand gen. He’s a marketing and advertising veteran of 22 years, and was a creative director at several international ad agencies. He was named one of the 40 under 40 business leaders by Utah Business Magazine, and Advertising Professional of the Year for Utah in 2014 by the American Advertising Federation. To read one of his articles on data-driven creativity or more about his new book, Return On Ideas — proof that creative ideas are better for the bottom line, visit his blog at